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Dogs with Personality

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Wanted; Dogs With Personality is the title of the book that I’m currently working on. It’s going to be about dogs and drawings. Its a book of 101 illustrations of dogs with Personality. The idea is to gather all the fabulous commissions of dogs that I’ve done over the years and turn them into a book. The only problem was that I didn’t have 101, so I started up a Facebook page, titled “Wanted: Dogs with personality” and I’ve since met and photographed over 70 dogs, with thanks to their owners who were willing to participate.

I have started up an instagram page titled dogs.with.personality. You can view my collection so far. Every time I finish a new drawing, I post it on the page.

I’m still taking ongoing commissions of dogs that may also get included in the book so if you have a fabulous dog and fancy a commission then please do get in touch for more information. My contact details are at the bottom of the page.