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Glasgow Drawings: Exhibition

With the cancellations to 6 months worth of exhibitions, workshops and events scheduled for 2020, I decided I didn’t want it to become a year of bleh. At fairly late notice I organised an exhibition of original drawings of Glasgow cityscapes to be held at Scotlandart Gallery on Glasgow’s Bath Street. When restrictions for travel were lifted I took the train to Glasgow and wandered aimlessly, getting lost with the discovery of architectural gems dotted about the city, many of which the residents probably stop noticing on a daily basis.

I began drawing the street scenes and buildings that interested me for their uniqueness and stunning detail.

During at which time Edinburgh Printmakers studio reopened in a socially distanced capacity. I was so excited to get back in there, so I took all the preliminary drawings that I had up til that point and spent some time playing around with layers and colour combinations.

I love the red stonework in Glasgow so I experimented with printing and overlaying various tones of pinks and reds, and contrasting them with browns and purples. Ah what a joy to be back in there! It was nice to reunite with other members also, and to hear how everyone else was getting on.

I came up with a series of Glasgow cityscape montage prints and framed one up for the exhibition.

The exhibition opened in the October which really looked fabulous. Visitors were still able to go into the gallery at that point which was good timing as there was a second lockdown in Glasgow in the November.

I thank all who supported the exhibition, both by physically visiting the gallery and offering support via social media which for many was the closest they got to seeing the work in real life. One follower commented on her joy of experiencing the exhibition in the flesh and acknowledged the joy and importance of being able to see the textures of the work. The virtual lives we live during the pandemic are watered down experiences, highlighting the fact that we have an awful lot to look forward to, post pandemic.