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Drawing and printmaking course at Swansea print Workshop

I was fortunate enough to return to Swansea a fortnight ago for a drawing and printmaking class. I kicked off proceedings with an artist talk on the Wednesday evening. I spoke about the process I use with screen printing, complete with plenty of show and tell..

Kelly Stewart

Day 1 saw 8 of us meet at the Mumbles Pier and we spent the day drawing in glorious sunshine, we were so lucky, the printmaking course was dependant on the drawings made on day 1.

Kelly Stewart

The sunshine attracted a lot of people to the pier that day, looking particularly summery while sitting eating fish and chips or taking a stroll with an ice-cream. These 4 pensioners particularly caught my attention while they took a rest to enjoy the views…

kelly stewart

I had a coffee break in the cafe by the pier and got a little distracted by the massive chandelier… I was in drawing mode, I wanted to draw everything and the locals just let us get on with it which was very bohemian of them 🙂

The 2 day screen printing workshop went well too. We played around with the drawings from day 1 to transfer into the screenprint process. I was very impressed with the results. Rather than produce 6 prints all the same, the artists experimented with various colours on some of their layers to create a lovely selection of varied prints.

Kelly Stewart